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Benefits of Milk Nipple

The fruit has a nice shiny shell, the flesh is soft and sweet, when you eat it, remember to make it soft, a white, milky plastic flow from the crack of the shell makes people enjoy it. Many people believe that the meaning of the breast milk is like the immense love of a mother for her baby. Legend has it that there was a playful child who left home, and the mother died looking after her baby, turning into a breast milk tree. When the son returned, he could not find the mother, only found a tall tree with round fruits like a breast milk, the child just enjoyed the cool "milk" that the mother gave to the child.

In addition to the health benefits, the latex outer layer contains more acridin, causing constipation, so for the elderly and young children, if they eat a lot, constipation will be worse. So to be able to absorb the good nutrients from breast milk, the following things to keep in mind to help you properly eat breast milk are what you need to pay attention to.
Abundant source of nutrients:

The English nipple is called the Star-apple. This is a famous fruit for its content of vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Only 100g of breast milk is estimated to contain about 34.7 mg (equivalent to 57%) of vitamin C needed for the body each day. Therefore, consuming more breast milk helps you increase the body's resistance to infectious agents. In addition, 100g of custard apple contains about 64 kcal, 1 gram of protein, 3.1 grams of healthy fats, 8 grams of carbohydrates, 18 mg of calcium, 45 mg of phosphorus, 0.8 mg of iron and vitamins. Help the body meet the body's needs of minerals in a day and prevent harmful substances, free radicals from leaving the body, reduce other diseases such as cramps, abdominal pain, flatulence, diabetes .
Contains low calorie content for weight loss:

Breast milk is one of the fruits that contains very few calories and no fat. If calculated per 100g, it provides only 31 calories, much lower than other popular tropical fruits. This is a side dish, a dessert suitable for those who want to diet, lose weight.
The effects of breast milk for pregnant women:

The flesh of the breast is also very good for pregnant women thanks to the abundant content of calcium, vitamin C, A, phosphorus, iron and magnesium in the fruit. These are vital nutrients for the body and better control of heart rate and blood pressure.
Prepare into traditional folk remedies:

What is the effect of the stem, leaf and pod of the breast milk? Although they have not been specifically studied by experts and doctors on this aspect of the breast plant, their seeds are very useful in reducing fever and treating diarrhea. Some people also use the leaves to reduce laryngitis or pneumonia.


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